November 28, 2016

How To Look Younger With Natural Anti Aging Remedies

True anti aging remedies are more than skin deepAlthough aging is an unavoidable natural process, most people are constantly looking for new and better ways for how to look younger. And it doesn’t necessarily have to involve expensive creams and lotions. The following natural anti aging remedies give men and women of all ages tips on how to look younger without surgery or expensive (and somewhat dubious) creams. And perhaps even more importantly – they will make you feel a lot younger too.

When people generally think about anti aging, they tend to think about the visible signs of wear and tear, those tell-tale wrinkles, age spots and their developing jowls. No-one wants to get old, let alone feel and look older than their years. verybody wants to know how to look younger and anti aging treatments are becoming so sought after by both men and women that the skin care market is colossal.

But what really works?

With the focus often on the aesthetic side of anti aging, there are a huge amount of products available for those who wish to nurture their skin with every area of the body being catered for by some new, heavily marketed age-defying product. Many of the products target the areas that cause the most concern – wrinkles around the eyes, the double chin or sagging breasts, but really manufacturers of modern skin-care ranges have ensured that there are treatments for all areas of the body for men and women. Some of these offerings are marketed as natural anti aging products.

There is no doubt about it, taking time and care of yourself with a good skin care regime can make a huge difference in the fight to make sure that your skin remains young-looking. That can and should be a part of your natural anti aging remedies But of course so many people concentrate solely on rehydrating their skin with a multitude of products that may or may not work, that they forget that beauty and anti aging is more than skin deep. Maintaining a healthy diet and consuming your daily allowance of water is an absolute must for clear, healthy skin and for renewing any flagging vitality.

Sadly, so many skin-care products are crammed full of damaging chemicals, that a natural approach to anti-aging seems a sensible option, after all, why fill your body with toxins when there is no need if you choose natural and effective alternatives?

Of course it’s not just what you put on the outside, there are many anti-aging supplements that may help win the age war and ensuring that the right amount of vitamins and minerals are consumed may make a big difference.

5 Quick Tips Anti Aging Tips For The Average Consumer

Before rushing out to spend a fortune on any anti aging products that grab your attention, consider these five important tips before deciding which approach to take:

1. Take the Mirror Test

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ascertain the areas that you would really like to improve. Do you have frown lines? Age spots?  Wrinkles?  What are your biggest concerns? Don’t just consider the aesthetics though; you need to take a holistic approach to the “you” today. Are you eating a good and nutritious diet? Do you feel energetic and vibrant? What about your zest for life? Or do you feel stressed, tired and anxious? Considering these factors will help you to decide where you wish to start without running up a big bill and don’t forget that once you start seeing relevant changes, you can tackle other areas too.

2. Budget, Budget, Budget

How you feel about yourself is important and you can invest as much time and care into improving how you look and feel as you like but, you do need to set a budget in terms of outlay for this whole self-improvement look. Be realistic and don’t just throw away money for the sake of it. It’s worth getting some skin care samples to try first before parting with a large amount of cash as you may find that the lotions and potions do not suit your skin.

3. Make Your Own

If funds are limited, why not make your own skin care products? It’s very simple to make some fantastic skin care products –quickly, easily and cheaply using products that you have already in your cupboards. Don’t forget however that once mixed up, they should be used fairly quickly as they will not contain any of the preservatives which give shop brought products their long shelf life.

4. Do A Little Research

Product research is important. There are many claims made by skin care companies but is it backed up by research and hard facts? The types of skin care products also depend on your personal skin type and needs so don’t rush out and buy just anything.

5. Supplier Ethics

Along with your product research, you also need to check out the suppliers. Choose recommended suppliers or those that are very visible in terms of their ethics and processes. If you want all natural products then don’t fall for the fancy packing that tells you of all the natural goodness, when in reality, those natural elements are miniscule in comparison to the harmful chemicals. Ultimately, you must do what is right for you and for your pocket.

Natural Skin Care As An Anti Aging Remedy



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Now that you have read the primer on anti aging remedies, let’s move on to themany things you can do to look and feel younger – without actually spending all that much on anti aging products.

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You will then discover:

  • The four essential vitamins for skin care and anti aging
  • Simple exercises for improving the tone of your facial muscles
  • Anti aging tips from inside out – natural anti aging supplements and skin care recipes
  • Tons of valuable content in text and video format


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If you fancy the natural skincare approach then it’s useful to know that you can easily incorporate the following ingredients into your skincare regime:

  • Whole Milk– contains important enzymes that help to fight the ravages of time, can be mixed with other ingredients or simply for a ‘pamper your skin’ milk bath.
  • Egg Whites– whipped egg whites can be fantastic for tightening your skin and can be used even around those delicate eye areas.
  • Egg yolks can be used too. Add them to other ingredients to make fantastic face masks.
  • Aloe Vera – is a wonderful product that has so many health benefits but is equally as good for skincare. It helps to restore lost vitality and increases elasticity to your skin.
  • Honey – is well known for its skincare benefits but mix it with other ingredients such as bananas, carrots, almonds and it becomes a nutritious face mask.

And here’s how you can use even more ordinary household products like olive oil, bicarbonated soda and so on:

Anti Aging from the Inside Out

If you fancy the self-help approach to anti aging, then extend your research into various herbs and spices as many contain anti-aging properties. It is important to identify your own needs first though before trying out any for the sake of it.


Bilberry contains phyto-chemical compounds that help to advance blood flow to the extremities and to the heart. Bilberry can help with horrible conditions such as haemorrhoids, varicose veins and even degenerative conditions such as arthritis by preventing any deterioration of collagen found within the joints. Bilberry is also good at helping conditions of the eyes.


Garlic is renowned for its viral fighting benefits but it can help with anything from ear infections to heart problems and is useful for maintaining the joints- as supple, flexible joints keep old age at bay. Garlic keeps the blood thin, helps to lower blood pressure and to strengthen your immune system.

Gotu Kola helps to regenerate cells, is excellent for healthy skin and help to slow down the aging process. It has excellent anti-anxiety effects and is reported to be useful for the prevention of mental capacity during older age.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba) helps to increase the flow of blood to the brain, and this is important because memory loss is often impaired by the aging process.

Ginseng renowned for its energy boosting properties- it is often called the fountain of youth. It tones muscles and the skin in addition.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Carrot Seed Oil is an excellent  regenerative oil for skincare use. It helps to repair and to tone your skin, increases circulation and elasticity and also helps with the reduction of annoying wrinkles.

Frankincense whilst this essential oil is not the cheapest to buy, consider it an investment as it helps to stimulate the re-growth of your skin cells.

Myrrh helps to remove toxins from the tissues of your skin and increases hydration.

Neroli helps to improve broken capillaries and increases your skin elasticity.

Grapefruit oil makes a wonderful astringent if you have oily skin.

Rose – use this essential oil if you have mature skin that needs a little help with hydration and need to start improving overall elasticity.

Sandlewood works wonders on oily and mature skin as it is a natural aid to balance the condition of your skin.

When applying pure essential oils to any home-made skin care recipes, it’s important to take care and not use too much. Less is often more in essential oil terms. In fact, only a few drops is often all that is needed. The video below demonstrates one recipy for making your own skin cleans, including two essential oils:

The ingredients used in the video are: 1 1/2 tablespoons ground organic almonds 2 1/2 tablespoons ground oats 1/4 cup whole milk 2 drops geranium essential oil 3 drops lavender essential oil. One good place to get the essential oils included is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Oils (apart from lavender essential oil which can be applied neat) should always be diluted with a good carrier oil, such as almond oil or jojoba oil. Always test on a patch of skin before trying out any homemade recipe which is especially important if you have sensitive skin.

Note: As much as there is a great deal of benefit from using aromatherapy pure essential oils, it is worth noting that there can be many contra-indications when using essential oils so ensure that you read up on the individual ones thoroughly prior to use.

Four Essential Vitamins for Skin Care and Anti Aging

If you wish to have healthy and young looking skin, it’s worth discussing the nutrients that you consume on a daily basis because a poor diet can really impact your overall health and actually add years to you.

Four essential vitamins that are easily added to your daily diet are:

Vitamin A

It has many benefits including preventing cancer but it also aids your skin by ridding it of free radicals that work to damage your skin. Always ensure that the correct dosage is followed if buying supplements.

Vitamin B

This vitamin helps to prevent acne (especially when combined with vitamin A) and also helps to promote healthy hair, nails and skin when taken.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a well-known essential vitamin for overall health but it can also protect your skin from the sun and helps to reduce the appearance of age spots.

Vitamin E

There is probably no surprise that vitamin E is important as it has long been used in skin-care products- working to reduce wrinkles, improve texture and to also increase the elasticity of your skin. Vitamin E can also help to moisturize your skin.

Exercise to Improve Tone

Sagging facial muscles instantly make you look older and there is no excuse because it’s easy to exercise the face and neck every day. Whilst there is no doubt that sagging, drooping skin is unfortunately a natural side- effect of aging, facial exercise really can help hold back these effects for longer.

Common indicators are:

Drooping eyebrows
Hooded eyes
Sagging jaw line
Jowls developing
Mouth starting to turn down
Development of a double chin
Sagging chin
Eye puffiness

If you want to tighten up these muscles, then create a facial muscle exercise regime and this can prevent the muscles from lengthening and sagging and to also improve any existing damage.

If you want to halt the impact of aging and instead promote, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles, you can start by simply massaging your face with your hands. Gentle stroking of your face over your forehead and with both hands smoothing across the cheeks can do wonders. Don’t drag at the skin however and add a moisturizer for best results as this will serve to hydrate the skin at the same time.

  1. Sit upright with open eyes.  Raise your eyebrows whilst gently lowering the top eyelid down. This stretches the eye area.  Keep in this position for a count of five and repeat the process five times.
  2. Sit with eyes open. Look up and then down without moving your head. Repeat this for ten times and then again but looking left to right for a further ten counts.
  3. Sit upright and then tilt your head back so that you are looking up to the ceiling. Keep your mouth closed and whilst in that position, begin a chewing movement. You will instantly begin to feel the stretch across your throat and neck. Repeat ten times.
  4. Sit upright and then tilt your head back so that you are looking up at the ceiling. Your lips will be closed but your eyes are open. Once in position, draw your bottom lip up over your top lip and hold for a count of five. Relax and then repeat five times.
  5. Sit upright and focus on bringing your forehead into a frown. Hold the position for a few seconds and then reverse, lifting your eyebrows up as far as you can and opening the eyes into a stare. Hold for a count of five and then repeat the process.

There are many different types of facial exercises and they can be great fun to do. In addition, they take very little time to do each day and if you keep repeating morning and night, you will soon start to see and feel the difference. If you feel reluctant to believe that “making funny faces” in this manner could make much of a change, check out this video on facial exercises.

Learn more of Cynthia Rowland’s anti aging facial exercises visit Cynthia Rowland dot com.

The Anti Aging Diet

Fuelling your insides with lots of natural goodness is so important because the perfect approach to anti-aging has to be a holistic one. Working with your body and not against it can help you to take years off your age and as much as a good skin-care regime will do wonders for your skin and your confidence, never forget that a healthy diet is paramount.

Here are just a few foods to help you get started:


Avocados are packed full of vitamin E and they also help skin to regenerate therefore giving you a more youthful appearance. Avocados also are crammed full of antioxidants which help to protect your skin and promote wonderful glowing skin. It can even make your hair shiny and healthy.

Red Cabbage

Red cabbages are filled with antioxidants which can help protect against cancer as well as preventing wrinkles.

Red Wine

Red wine enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that a favourite tipple is packed full of natural antioxidants- fantastic for the prevention of heart disease. Plus, red grapes help to stop the nasty effects of aging due to the ‘resveratrol’ compound within the skin.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil contains a rich mix of essential amino and fatty acids but it also importantly contains high levels of vitamin E which can help to reduce the effects of aging.

Dark Chocolate
If you enjoy dark chocolate then don’t feel the least bit guilty next time you indulge. Providing you choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa, it can even help burn fat and to improve your hair and skin. This is because it’s full of B vitamins and protein. Don’t over indulge though. Only small amounts are healthy.


Anti-aging is all about retaining that zest for life and for feeling less tired. Try some cinnamon as it is a stimulant that can warm and kick-start your system and will help you feel more energised.


Blueberries have so many health benefits including high content of vitamin C which aids circulation but also helps the body to combat the aging process. Because it is also high in potassium, it can help to combat fluid retention and puffiness.

Spinach and Beans

Spinach and Beans are good for anti-aging as they contain compound minerals which help to combat wear and tear of the skin cells.

Grape Juice

Grape Juice apart from being a refreshing drink contains a great supply of antioxidant polyphenols, improving the skin’s elasticity and preventing sagging.

Mustard Seeds

If you haven’t tried mustard seeds before then do so, because they contain a lot of Vitamin E which is wonderful in anti-aging terms.

Sweet Potatoes

If you have over-indulged in the sun previously, increase your intake of sweet potatoes as they can help to fight the damage caused by the sun’s rays.

The Holistic Approach

holistic anti agingIn addition to choosing healthy food types, it’s also important to eat regularly and to enjoy a healthy breakfast and lunch each day.  Eat less in the evenings but finish off with a light healthy supper.  Ensure that you drink plenty of fresh water as this really will keep your wrinkles at bay and reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol that you consume daily. A great way to start the day is by having a glass of water with a slice of lemon as it awakens a sluggish system making you feel more energised immediately.

A healthy body can really help to slow down the aging process so don’t live your life from a sedentary position. A fit body means healthier and tighter skin.
It’s so important to ensure that you get enough sleep each night because without it, you won’t be able to rejuvenate. Aim for 7 hours as this will help you to cope with life’s little pressures and to view the world through more positive eyes.  In addition, sleep enables you to heal and regenerate your cells.

One of the worst things to damage your skin is sun bathing. Don’t lie outside without covering up your skin with a good sunscreen. The sun causes so much damage to your skin and as you get older, this damage will become much more apparent. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you right through old age.

Smoking also starts to age the skin so if you have a smoking habit but care about how you look, it’s important to stop smoking as soon as you can.  The more you smoke and if you continue to smoke, the more wrinkles you are likely to have. Whilst you may be mainly concerned about the skin on your face, it’s worth noting that smoking also causes wrinkles in other areas too such as your inner arms. Essentially nicotine causes a narrowing of the blood vessels which in turn impairs the flow of blood to your skin. This then limits the amount of nutrients that should fuel the skin and it decreases oxygen too.

Last but not least, having a positive attitude to life and enjoying every single day can strip years off you. A positive approach coupled with relaxation techniques to help eliminate stress will give you a serene appearance that is instantly noticeable. Take up an exercise plan such as yoga that works with your body and mind as a whole and this will also improve your overall flexibility (making you seem more youthful) and it will also help your posture. If your spine becomes inflexible, it denotes signs of aging so by taking up gentle yoga and incorporating some of the key postures into your fitness regime, your spine will start feeling years younger and it will be noticeable.


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